lundi 14 novembre 2016

My favorite genre of music is Pop and R&B , it’s a genre of music that combines blues and jazz often including elements of other styles such as funk or  others . I have a lot of favorite artists in this genre like : Drake, Beyonce, but I had a preference for Lana Del Rey , she’s an amazing singer. I choose her because most of Lana’s songs are about love or treason. Their rythm are very soothing they take me in a different world. The song that I have chosen is “Young and Bautiful”. This song was  a soundtrack to the film “The Greatest Gatsby” in 2013 , who is also a fantastic movie . It’s talks about the love she was leaving with her boyfriend who had a cute behaviour. It’s had a beautiful melody and love story. This song was also the Top ten in Australia. My favorite part in this song is the end, the  two last lines Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and  beautiful?  Will  you still love me when I'm not young and beautiful? Is the part the most repeated in the song. It’s shows a real love because she’s thinking about their love till the end of their days. And in the movie , this lyrics are representedlike  the end of the story and indicate the part when the hero dies not knowing if his love will return to him or not .

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Hello everyone, my name is Lena Al Marshoud. My mom is Moroccan and my dad is Saudian .Like I always say Saudian by blood and Moroccan by heart!  I have one brother and one sister; I live in Tangier with my mother and my brother and my sister but my dad lives in Saudi Arabia for work. He comes to see us twice a year. I’m 15years old and I study in a French school in the 10th Grade. Almost all my friends in school can speak three languages: French, English and Spanish. During the week I don’t have a lot of free time except for Wednesday afternoon or the weekend. But usually I listen some music, go gym, surf in the social networks or go out with my friends to watch a movie.

I was lucky to have conversations with strangers about my country Morocco, and I was, as I am always proud to be Moroccan saw the love that leads people to our beloved country for its natural beauty and dazzling charm, and his pleasant people. I was wondering what is our strength, what makes our country special at this point why ?
Our official language is Arabic. Moroccans speak a mixture of Arabic, Berber, English, and French. You’ll be fine with English and French in most of the larger cities, but you’ll probably need a translator in the rural parts of the country. Most Moroccans are friendly and honest, but be careful about pickpockets in any major city especially in crowded places like the markets. Most of shops and museums are closed on Friday morning.

The only thing that I would like to change is hospitals in Morocco whether public or private is the same things more than 60%of hospitals are unnecessary with almost no interest. Of course we are speaking of major diseases. I know that the greater part in Morocco travel to foreign depart to heal but we must also think for those who do not have the needs or enough money for medical treatments.

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dimanche 27 mars 2016

My predictions

Hello everyone. Today I want to share with you about how I can see the future, I have had some pretty amazing ideas. In some cases my predictions, especially about technology, have turned out to be true, or most likely will be coming true. Here’s what I have predicted for the future. First, I think that the people around the world will be living happily. They will accept and help each other. Everyone will have food and shelter. People will be enjoying life because they have time. My second prediction is: robots will be living with us, we won’t have to do anything, and our robots will be doing work for us. For example; they can go shopping for us, they can even entertain us. The third talk about People, no matter what their skin color, gender, culture, or religion, will be living harmoniously together. The environment will be safe to live in. The fourth prediction is a time machine that can show us what we’ll look like in the future. We can also use the time machine to show us the past like what our parents and grand-parents looked like when they were young. And in the future, there will be more space travel. There may be people living on Mars or on the moon. And my favorite prediction named “The Brain-Communication”. One day everyone will be linked through wireless technology. Small computers will be in your system, so your brain, just like a computer, will be receiving downloads and uploads, and you’ll be learning new language instantly! The last prediction is “spaceships”: In the future I predict that we won’t have a work in same country where we live, so we have to travel and return in the same day , I know that now the world is running out of oil, but I’m sure that people will discover a new source of fuel so we don’t need oil. In this we can travel to work. I think my opinion is not like the others, I’m not thinking about the things unreal but the things that began and they can’t do it.  So I have tried to stay in the same subject but in reality.